• پارسی (Persian)

About Us

our company was incorporated by a group of experienced people with over 15 years work experience in the field of medical, research and laboratory equipment in 2007 aiming at renovation, reconstruction and presenting higher services in the field of installed equipment and importing equipment, precise tools with higher technology for the treatment and educational centers.

  • The management team has made this company known as a symbol of innovation, by presenting high-end, permanent and continuous presence in all laboratories across the globe. We have succeeded to import different products like cell counter, electrolyte analyzer, and different required parts of high quality with help of best universities and cooperation of foreign companies. We are also in the process of manufacturing such products in the country. 

  • We are increasing our customer satisfaction with world class service and quality products. Some of our services includes after-sales tech support by making use of best technical people in the country, establishment provincial offices in order to accelerate services presentation, obtaining higher standard, development of information technology for the purpose of internal and external organizational procedures, presenting scientific and applied subject matters, and increasing knowledge of the users and we hope to be respondent of the requirements of the laboratories in the country.