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One for all: fully automated processing of all EUROIMMUN ELISA – autoimmune diagnostics, infectious serology and allergology – with only one system.

 Flexibility for your benefit: open system with more than 800 validated EUROIMMUN parameters for serum, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid, over 50 parameters in parallel. The EUROIMMUN ELISA concept enables high combinability between different assays.

  Convenient, simple and reliable operation: ready-to-use reagents, custom-made racks and automated reagent identification without manual data entry enable you to start immediately. QC certificates are scanned using a 2D hand barcode scanner.

Capacity and throughput: quick loading and efficient time management allow processing of up to 50 tests per hour – up to 3 plates, 144 samples at the start of a run.

  Security for patients: validated test systems and the comprehensive safety kit provide the basis for reliable diagnostics.

  Competence and experience: for more than 25 years EUROIMMUN has been an innovative and reliable partner – over 3,000 laboratories worldwide use our successful and well-established technologies.

  Reliability and service: instruments and reagents from one manufacturer, quick and targeted support from our personnel for a smooth workflow in your laboratory.